About Me


I am a wearer of many hats, but the biggest hat on my head right now is as a digital marketing and social media consultant. I specialize in helping creatives and changemakers connect with their fans and customers, find new ones and optimize their online presence to make the best out of those relationships.

I’ve spoken at sold-out panels from Boston to Anchorage about social media, journalism and entrepreneurship. I’ve been involved in at least 9 different media startups, and I use my unique marketing, user experience and business background to give my clients a holistic look on the message they’re sending out into the world.

I’m also a tech startup founder — though that’s on hold for the moment. I’ve been working on TroveScout, a platform designed to reward independent workers and artists for helping each other find connections. We are in our pre-seed money development phase and are seeking a technical cofounder: http://bit.ly/techleadfortrovescout.

In my past as a web producer, I’ve coordinated stories online that have become Pulitzer finalists and Emmy nominees. I’ve worked on projects seen on CNN’s AC360, NPR, PBS Frontline, Univision, The Daily Show, ABC, NBC, Al Jazeera, Daily Beast/Newsweek, KQED, San Francisco Chronicle and Huffington Post. I’ve been named one of 20 journalists to follow by SPJ’s Quill Magazine.

As a musician, I perform as @ Little Spiral @ and am actively playing shows across the Bay Area. I’m creating social media and marketing strategies for my music and others, and my music is available for licensing for your visual, audio or multimedia project.

Interested in working with me? Shoot me an email.