Announcing TroveScout: People-powered directories


Lots of stuff is happening in the life of Suzanne, but this weekend marks a significant milestone: I’m launching a prototype for a new directories platform called TroveScout. It’s designed to help independent workers and artists find the most up-to-date resource directories and connections they need to thrive. People can subscribe to directories for a nominal monthly fee, or they can earn their way into the network for free by adding, editing and verifying the listings.

I’ve been working on this startup idea since September with an amazing business accelerator here in Oakland called Uptima Business Bootcamp. We’re crunching the numbers, writing the business plan and getting ready to raise funds from investors this spring.

This weekend, I’ve launched a basic prototype for independent musicians, who rely on media and outreach directories to get their music heard. We’re starting exclusively with a great group of musicians called Balanced Breakfast, who meet every week at 8 a.m. (“because 8 a.m. means you’re serious”). It’s a meetup that’s already exploding to different cities across the nation (and internationally!), and I know this platform is going to explode with them.

Because when I show some folks the prototype, I’ve already heard more than one person say, “I would pay money for that.” Yep, even broke-ass-broke musicians.

Sound interesting?

Right now, I’m searching for a full-stack developer to be my technical cofounder. Is that you or someone you know?

Apply. Apply. Apply.



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